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Many people are curious about what a Close protection in London is and who can get it. Close Protection Chauffer is for those with high profile jobs that need extra security measures while they are in public areas, whether at work or during their free time. This type of service provides complete discretion to the client since no one will be able to see them being escorted by bodyguards from private companies such as Gatekeepers Security Services . These types of services provide total security because all staff members have extensive training and background checks that make sure every person has been thoroughly checked out before they join any agency. People who want this kind of discreet yet thorough level of personal safety should contact an experienced company like Gatekeepers Security Services now!

Close Protection In London

A good example would be a CEO of a very successful company or even someone that has written a book and wants to promote it. Either way, these are high profile people who could be in danger if they were not escorted by this type of service.

In addition, those who want to become a part of this service industry can do so after they have been thoroughly screened. Not just anyone can join, and it takes an extensive background check before one is able to get hired by any firm that provides these services.

Gatekeepers Security Services has over 30 years’ experience in the security business which means you are getting someone who knows what they’re doing when you make your choice to hire them for your close protection needs . They will provide quality training as well as proper vetting of all their personnel at no extra charge! So why wait?

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