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How to Get Others to Share Your Forum Website

The Key to Creating Shareable Forum Posts

The internet is full of information and people who want to share their thoughts. However, it can be difficult to get others to take the time and read your content. But not with GreenGeeks! Having people create an account on your forum website can help you get more visitors to the site and drive traffic. It is also a great way for new users to comment, but not by creating their own blog or social media page.

Even if you do not have a large community yet, having others sign up on your forum website is great for brand recognition. It will help people remember that they are apart of it and what the purpose of the site is. This can be really effective when trying to get regular visitors because new ones who join are generally sharing more information about themselves than established users would do in their first few posts or comments.


Having an active user base means that there has been some time where at least one person spent time participating in your service which makes them feel like they belong somewhere instead of just another visitor. The internet is full with so many ways for people to communicate but most sites limit this interaction by only allowing commenting on blog articles or social media posts. With a forum website, people can have their own personal space to discuss things with others who are passionate about the same topic and interact in new ways than they would through another platform.

People love sharing information that is relevant or helpful for them because it helps build trust with other users. For example, when you go on Facebook, do you want your friends’ newsfeed full of junk? Of course not! You probably only like pages if there was something useful shared by them previously so even though you might remember liking this page as part of an ad served up by Facebook does not mean that you will share similar content from it again unless what is being said has some sort of value added to it which otherwise would be just another post.

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