France as the World’s 6th Largest Economy

One of the greatest concerns of a country is the economy. All over the world, France is among the countries which is very developed and have a developed economy. In fact, it was ranked as the sixth among the countries of the world with the largest economy. If you wonder about the reason why it has a developed economy, there are many big and famous French companies. Through these companies, France is becoming more popular. Not only does France have beautiful tourist destinations but also famous companies.

Among the biggest companies in France, there are ten of them to be mentioned in this article. These companies include Orange, Carrefour, Eads, L’oreal Group, eDF, GDF Suez, Sanofi, BNP Paribas, Axa, and Total. With the help of these big companies, many French citizens can have their own job without working overseas 台胞證. The market value and revenue of bridal companies in here reach up to billion dollars.

French products are very popular all over the world. As it also exports its own products, it is no wonder that its economy becomes more developed. Tourism industry and business industries are among the sources of the economy of France. This can also be considered as a tip for other developing countries. Since there are more business establishments being built up in France and also tourist destinations are being improved, the economy of France will surely improve as well.