Abbeys In France

France is one of the places where Christianity has its roots. It is also evident by the presence of many monasteries around the country. The country is famous for iconic places but there are also other places and things that it can boast. If you want to see other places after finishing to visit the iconic places, you can have monasteries as a good choice. There are many monasteries that you can find within the country and you can have the opportunity to be able to visit one.

Each monastery in France have their own design and also a time of being built. One of the monasteries that you can visit is the one that is located in Normandy which is the Mont Saint Michel Abbey which is constructed on an island that is rocky. Another unique monastery that has its own story and name is the Jumieges Abbey in Normandy. Another abbey that was influential and wealthy in its own time is the Cluny Abbey that is located in Burgundy.

If you will know each of the histories of the abbey, you would be amazed at it. They have their own time to be famous and also strong and wealthy. Another monastery you can visit is the Vézelay which is found in Burgundy. One more abbey is the Conques in the Midi Pyrénées. You can have a tour of only monasteries but it is also fun when you have other things to visit and consider. Come and discover the places yourself.