Stay In The Abbey

Welcome to the beautiful place where you can stay as a guest in the abbey that was left to be repurposed so as not to waste its beauty. The abbey was used before as a shop and it has been maintained so it is still in good shape. The monastery is one that had a good history on its own if it is to be told by those who had lived and also work in this place. It is interesting to be in this place and also relaxing.

If you want to have a good experience here in the Nord department in the country of France then come and visit here. It was in the year of 2006 that the abbey had been converted to be a place of stay. The place is quiet so this is a good place if you want to stay in a place that you could just relax and absorb the natural comfort of nature. The place has a pond that serves as the border of the Forge of the Abbey.

The place also has its own unique architecture. Now the place has some of the modern necessities already installed in the area when it was converted. It is to make the place suitable for travelers and those who chose to stay on the place. When you will be able to stay in the place for yourself then you can testify to what it feels like and how comfortable it is to stay there.